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Dec 23 – January 1: Closed
Jan 2: 10:00am-3:00pm
Jan 3: 10:00am-2:00pm
Jan 6-9: 10:00am-3:00pm
Jan 10: 10:00am-2:00pm
Jan 13-16: 9:00am-4:30pm
Jan 17: 9:00am-3:30pm

Simplify your life

  • Submit your photo online, you can even use your selfie
  • Manage your PantherCard online: add funds, view balances and review spending history at

How to get your card

大奖娱乐官方网站主页** Freshman receive their PantherCard at New Student Orientation **

Main campus – simply stop by the PCO: You’ll find us in Union W198, across from the Union Ballroom and next to the Union Art Gallery.

UWM @ Waukesha and Washington –

  1. Submit your photo online, use your selfie
  2. Pick up your ID card
    Washington County campus – Library
    Waukesha County campus – Library

UWM @ Waukesha and Washington – New Students should follow orientation instructions


What is a PantherCard?

Your Panther Card is your official UWM identification card and is an essential part of campus life. It is the key to accessing services throughout the University.

What the PantherCard is used for?

  • Borrowing books from the Golda Meir Library and accessing the library after 7:00 PM
  • Accessing the Klotsche Fitness Center, Testing Center, Norris Health Center, and IT Services
  • Riding UWM Shuttles or B.O.S.S. transportation
  • Attending campus sporting events and activities
  • Attending Union Theater screenings and Peck School performances
  • When a Parking Pass is obtained, the card will grant access to enter and leave parking structures
  • Meal Plan
  • Gold Account

Lost & Found Cards

大奖娱乐官方网站主页For your protection and the protection of others, when your card disappears, immediately report your card lost!

大奖娱乐官方网站主页Turn your PantherCard off @

大奖娱乐官方网站主页We will send an email your UWM email address if your card was turned into the PCO. You can inquire about a lost card by calling us at (414)-229-2231 or emailing us at

大奖娱乐官方网站主页Other lost & found areas to check:

Good Samaritans can send found cards to the PantherCard Office located in UWM Student Union W198.

How do I know when I am eligible for an ID?

  • All enrolled Students are eligible for a PantherCard
  • New Students should submit your ID photo online, you can even use your selfie
  • Freshman receive their PantherCard at New Student Orientation
  • Auditors need to be enrolled in classes and will be charged $20.00
  • Requirements and eligibility may vary depending on the specific circumstances of the student
  • Faculty are eligible for their PantherCard after they have received a PAWS Account and a Campus ID Number
  • A valid government issued personal photo identification such as a passport or U.S. driver’s license is required

What will I need to get my Panther Card?

大奖娱乐官方网站主页Another form of photo ID is required to receive an ID such as a State Driver’s License or ID, Passport, or Military ID

 $20 New PantherCard Fee

All students pay for their first PantherCard. How each student pays may vary, some students may have the ID cost included in their New Student or Transfer Student Fee or another special program fee.

All other students can purchase an ID at the PantherCard Office for a $20 fee.

大奖娱乐官方网站主页Faculty and Staff receive their initial ID free of charge, replacements are $20.

 $20 Replacement PantherCard Fee

The fee will be waived for:

  • A legal name changes that is verified with the Registrar’s Office and PAWs
  • Change in University Status (Ex: Student to Staff)
  • Defective Card
  • Turning in a copy of your police report for stolen ID
  • Outdated PantherCard without an RFID chip

Unleash the power of the Panther!

大奖娱乐官方网站主页Your PantherCard offers two (2) declining balance (debit) accounts, GOLD Account and Resident Meal Plan. By depositing money in advance of your purchases, you may use your Gold account across campus and at participating off-campus businesses! Students receive tax-free food at all on-campus UWM restaurants!

GOLD Account

大奖娱乐官方网站主页The Gold account enables you to take advantage of participating frequent buyers programs, discounts and tax-free food for students when purchasing from on-campus restaurants. Add funds, view balances and review spending history at .

大奖娱乐官方网站主页All UWM students automatically have a Gold account, a debit account (declining balance account) that starts off with a zero balance.

GOLD Account membership entitles you to:

  • Purchase laundry and general services at all residence halls.
  • Purchase food (tax-free for students) at all UWM campus restaurants.
  • Purchase food, merchandise and services at the Panther Shop, Restors, Recreation Center, Union Cinema, Union Marketing, Studio Arts & Craft Centre, Union Station, SARUP lab and all pay for print location at UWM.
  • Purchase food at all participating off campus businesses (taxable).

Resident Meal Plan

Many housing residents are required to have a Resident Meal Plan. This is an a la carte debit plan where residents pay for what they purchase by presenting their PantherCard for payment at the register. Residents choose the plan level when completing the housing contract.

大奖娱乐官方网站主页Resident Meal Plans are managed in a similar manner as your GOLD account. Add funds, view balances and review spending history via .

Learn more about the Resident Meal Plan here and here.

Follow this link for meal plan change information and forms.

Non housing students wishing to buy the nonresident meal plan can find the form here (scroll down to meal plans).

Meal plan questions can be directed to the University Housing Office at 414-229-4065 or

PantherCard GOLD Account Contract Terms of Use

UWM Restaurants and local businesses that accept the Resident Meal Plan and/or GOLD Account: