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Image of a family at sunset.

Protecting children using data science

大奖娱乐官方网站主页Colleen Janczewski combs through the records of 7,000 children referred to the state’s Child Protective Services to identify the families most in need of help.

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The battle against fake news

Maria Haigh and Wonchan Choi are developing better ways to spot and expose bogus news by exploring fact-checking methods in the United States, Korea and Ukraine.

A researcher sits on a boat in Lake Malawi in Africa.

Cataloging the aquarium

Fascinated by his childhood aquarium, Mike Pauers has devoted himself to documenting new varieties of the popular ornamental fish called Labeotropheus.

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Researcher holding a fish

Perched on an aquaculture breakthrough

The days when Lake Michigan teemed with yellow perch are gone, but UWM’s aquaculture efforts are restoring the species. The work could reduce a U.S. seafood trade deficit that’s reached $14 billion.

Chalkboard illustration of people holding hands

Teaching culturally diverse classrooms

大奖娱乐官方网站主页Modern-day students come from many types of cultural backgrounds. UWM and Milwaukee Public Schools are teaming up to help teachers respect those cultures while promoting academics and overall well-being.

Three brain scans

Brain reaction

The Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development Study will follow more than 10,000 children across the country, providing valuable information on helping young people become successful adults.