Man holding up his hand with a robotic exoskeleton

Rehab with robots

大奖娱乐官方网站主页UWM researchers are designing exoskeletons and artificial intelligence to help patients regain their former mobility.

Illustration of four abstract women and speech bubbles

Why women leave engineering

After learning the reasons behind this steady exodus, UWM researchers are exploring how diversity can impact innovation in engineering work teams.

A hand strumming a guitar

String theory

大奖娱乐官方网站主页Rene Izquierdo has built a world-renowned guitar program at UWM and saved some bygone music of his Cuban homeland from being lost to history.

Image of father with baby.

Fatherly love

Emmanuel Ngui explores the role fathers can play in reducing infant mortality and improving maternal and child health.

Close-up of daphnia or small zooplankton

Tiny changes, big impact

As nanoparticles grow ever more common, Rebecca Klaper plays a key role in exploring ways to keep them from harming our freshwater ecosystems.

Image of professor in front of a mosaic of faces

Decoding consumer behavior

In a world flooded with customer data, Purush Papatla looks to psychology to interpret what it all means.


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A researcher sits on a boat in Lake Malawi in Africa.

Cataloging the aquarium

Fascinated by his childhood aquarium, Mike Pauers has devoted himself to documenting new varieties of the popular ornamental fish called Labeotropheus.

Image of a spider on a web

Spiders weave a web of memories

大奖娱乐官方网站主页Spiders may be smarter than you think. Black widows make mental maps of their webs to help them find food.

Image of a family at sunset.

Protecting children using data science

大奖娱乐官方网站主页Colleen Janczewski combs through the records of 7,000 children referred to the state’s Child Protective Services to identify the families most in need of help.

Spotlight : Public Health

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Student Research

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UWM Chancellor Mark Mone

Chancellor’s welcome

大奖娱乐官方网站主页Chancellor Mark Mone invites you to discover the stories and faces behind UWM’s groundbreaking research.