Campus Connect Suicide Prevention Training

The Campus Connect Suicide Prevention Training is an interactive, experientially-based workshop designed to improve participants’ suicide intervention skills, so as to develop a network of individuals at UWM who are prepared to assist in identifying and supporting students in crisis. Participants will:

  • become familiar with basic statistics and facts regarding college student suicide
  • understand the warning signs that someone may be considering suicide
  • know how to ask someone if they are thinking about suicide
  • know how to refer someone who is thinking about suicide to the appropriate mental health professionals


Campus Connect Suicide Prevention BOOSTER Training

大奖娱乐官方网站主页The Campus Connect Suicide Prevention BOOSTER Training is an interactive “refresher” training on crisis response and suicide prevention. Designed in response to the continuing education needs identified by individuals who have previously participated in Campus Connect, attendees will:

  • be reminded of strategies for initiating supportive conversations and asking someone if they are thinking about suicide
  • understand the importance of maintaining appropriate boundaries in your role as a gatekeeper and acquire strategies for establishing such boundaries while helping a student in distress
  • review strategies for encouraging individuals to pursue referrals to appropriate mental health professionals
  • feel better prepared to respond to a student in crisis through the use of real-life vignettes


Questions or Concerns

For questions, concerns, or to request a training for your office, please contact Lori Bokowy, at labokowy@aufdemsofa.com.

大奖娱乐官方网站主页Please submit this form to indicate your interest in training. Sign up for the session that fits your schedule and you will receive a confirmation with a room assignment. You are only eligible to sign up for Booster training if you have previously taken Campus Connect. As the training includes some group discussion a minimum of 4 individuals need to be signed up to hold the training.

Campus Connect Training Sign Up Form

    You will receive a registration confirmation with training location information the week prior to the training. For questions about accessibility or to request accommodations please contact Lori at labokowy@aufdemsofa.com or 414-229-3001. Two weeks advance notice of need for accommodations is requested.